Progress On “The Whitehawk Legion”

For those of you who have been following The Whitehawk Legion, you’ll be happy to know that Chapter 10 had it’s first draft completed this morning. It’ll be ready to go up on Friday, November 20, after having a quick revision the day before; that’s been my SOP during this project. I write a first draft of a chapter, then let it sit and ferment until the last possible moment. Editing requires a fresh perspective and I like the chance to fix any little inconsistencies with what will follow on from it.

Chapter 10 was a pretty hard one to write, though, even after those floodgates burst open. It wasn’t because it was “only” a conversation; conversations reveal character, and character is at the heart of any story. And that’s just what made it difficult: getting a handle on the characters, or rather the one character who is the main villain. I’d had his basics down for quite a while, but it’s a complicated philosophy to really think through and see how he came to have it. I hope you’ll all find it as interesting as I do. Not your usual way of seeing the villains in these things.

I also got caught up in the several references I wanted to stick in to real world events. You see, unlike your average adventure series, I want the adventures of Emily Monroe to follow a kind of chronology, and also to follow history as we know it happened (although due to the slightly “parallel universe” aspect to it, some things might happen differently). That meant I had to sit down and do a little thinking about how exactly a lot of the stories I have planned will fit in, as well as the passage of time specific to this first tale. That took some energy, and now I’m afraid of falling behind for Chapter 11. Luckily, it’s full of rip-roaring action so hopefully it will just carry me along.

And equally lucky is the fact that the next installment (as well as the one after it) is planned to be only two chapters long. And then…that will be the end. Just four more chapters to go, folks–and it only took exactly a year since I first got the idea!

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