Word of The Week: Acceptance

ac·cept·ance (noun)

a) the act of taking or receiving something offered

b) favourable reception; approval; favour

c) the act of assenting or believing


The great secret of acceptance is that it is not just something to be received by you, but also something to be given by you. Sometimes simultaneously. To say, “I accept you and welcome you in. Come here and sit down,” is one of the most frightening things to do. The risk of pain and hurt is so great, but the risk of beauty and friendship is equally great. It is one of the most important things we can do as human beings.

Acceptance can also be directed inwards to yourself. Accept that you look this way, accept that you feel this way, accept that you may fail and even be crushed. Accept also that it is not the end; there will be another time, and another after that.

Never give up on acceptance.

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