A Mishmash of Updates

First off, I have a job. I’m working as the warehouse shipper/receiver for a charity organization here in Vancouver called Gather & Give. We work with other charities to provide low-income families and individuals with home essential items. Our warehouse is run like a free store, with people coming in to pick up what they need and so on. There’s a fair amount of responsibility involved in my job, since I’m basically running the warehouse part of the organization. I work only part-time, which is great because it gives me the chance to write at the same time.


You may have noticed the lack of a “Great Novel” review (see the 100 Great Novels In English post here). That would be because I decided to take a break for July and August. Well…’decided’ is a somewhat loose term for it. I only decided that halfway through August when I realized I had let myself get distracted by lighter, more summer-y reads. But I just finished Gulliver’s Travels, so that writeup will be posted shortly, I hope tomorrow.


Been watching quite a few movies lately. Of course, I’m always watching movies so it’s not much of a change. Some recent ones: True Grit (2010), Schindler’s List, Jackie Brown, and The Birds. Still trying to pick tonight’s.


My recent review of Berlin At War was linked to on Twitter…by none other than the author, Roger Moorhouse himself. I’m glad he appreciated it.


This past weekend was my church’s annual retreat. These last two years have found me on the planning committee. We always perform skits as crazy characters for the morning and evening gatherings, with me writing the scripts, and this year we were superheroes. Who had lost our powers. Much fun was had by all.


I suppose that’s it. Like I said above, I’ll have the Gulliver’s Travels review up tomorrow. And before too long I should also have an announcement regarding a certain writing project I’ve been working on.

Stay tuned.

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