Looking For Love

I’m looking for something, for a very particular kind of book that I haven’t had the pleasure of reading for quite some time now. I’m waiting for a new voice to come along and whisper in my ear that it has a story to tell me, and then find it to be the most remarkable story I’ve ever heard.

I want to read a book whose every word is stuffed with beauty, and is just the perfect word for that phrase and sentence.

I want to read a book that takes me somewhere new just to show me truths I have always held inside.

I want to read a book that gives me the feeling of discovery even if it doesn’t involve a long journey to parts unknown.

I want to read a book where I can escape from boredom and into reality.

I want to read a book with all the wonderful atmosphere of magic whether or not a character chants a spell.

I want to read a book which can hold me firm in its grasp from morning to night.

I want to read a book that, long or short, will last in my heart forever.

I’m looking for a book to fall in love with, and I seem to be looking for it in all the wrong places.

I don’t suppose anyone could help me?

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