Link Lasso – Batmania!

I’ve seen The Dark Knight Rises twice already in theatres, but for some reason the right words to review it just won’t come. Several paragraphs are written and they all feel wrong. It might take some time before I feel ready to really give my thoughts.

In the meantime, here are several Batman related links I’ve rounded up for your enjoyment.

First, there’s this article reporting on a press conference with Christopher Nolan, the film’s director. He discusses some of what inspired the approach to this trilogy-closing epic, Tom Hardy’s performance as Bane, and why he chose to film many scenes with IMAX instead of the entire thing in 3D (which I love him for, by the way).

Batman and other genre franchises inspire a huge level of fandom and devotion from those who follow them. Among the many ways they express their love, one of my favourites is fan art. And especially fan art that puts a slightly different spin on the universe it idolizes. Like these fun pictures of a decidedly unique view of Gotham City. This same artist has more beautiful sketches on his DeviantArt page. Speaking of fan art, this page collects some of the best alternate film posters for The Dark Knight Rises; to see some of my favourites scroll down past the Photoshopped section into the illustrations.

On a more thoughtful tangent, this insightful woman gives her views of Batman and the latest movie from the perspective of a social service worker, and examines just what it is that motivates Bruce Wayne in his quest for justice. Warning: contains some spoilers.

And finally, just so we don’t end on too serious a note, here are two fun videos I was shown recently. The first is a promo from The Hub television network for a marathon of Batman: The Animated Series they showed to celebrate the new movie. And just to prove that it really was in admiration, they edited the promo to the main trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, complete with dialogue…but recorded with the original voice actors from the series!

This second video probably needs no explanation, except for another spoiler warning. And that it’s probably only really funny if you’ve seen the movie.

Until next time, folks!

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