The Paper Artisan


What good is a writer without something to hold the words?

My mom has been making paper as a hobby for a few years now. She uses all kinds of fibres and raw materials for her art, pulping them and dyeing them and transforming them completely.

bits and pieces

But there’s more to this than just producing blank sheets. She also sculpts paper into different shapes, adding movement and dimension to something that was flat and static.

She even paints with paper, with colours and textures that you can literally reach out and touch — and canvases that are just as much a part of the art as they are the medium. Greeting cards also get decorated with unique paper collages.

There are now a few different ways to keep up with my mom’s hobby — which she’s slowly turning into a side business. First, there’s Facebook. The official page for The Paper Artisan is here. She also has a Twitter account (@thepaperartisan) as well as Instagram (thepaperartisan).

What you see here are some of my favourite pieces. I think they’re pretty beautiful. What about you?

art cards

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