Orpheus Walks

Walking around in circles

In my head. I know this is a trick

Or some spider’s web of lies.

I am alone. The world reduced 

To what I see ahead, eyes locked forward

And must not look behind,

Yet I turn around and around

In my head. What if she is there,

No trick or cheap deception,

But truly there, and we will soon be free?

Behind me nothing and no one.

I am alone and all against me:

My own two legs, screaming and sore;

My lyre betrayed me, making the dead weep

And setting me on this forced march;

My love turned to doubt;

The pitiless gods themselves.

I break myself of doubt

And turn around.

For an instant

Her shocked eyes and plaintive voice

Whisper to me under the cold stars

Before she melts down and away.

I can see my path was straight

Though my way was twisted.

Behind me nothing and no one

And no future either, only the past

Over and over again in my head

As I continue walking forever,

Walking around in circles.

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