About The Author

I’m Steven Gomez, a writer, editor, and most recently a Master of Arts in Theological Studies. I’ve self-published my first book, a collection of short stories titled The Communion of Saints. Check out the Store page for links to buy the book.

Welcome to Marginalia, my blog named for the handwritten notes in the margins of books. Margins are interesting places; away from the centre of attention, they allow us space to play, to comment, or even to wrest attention from the dominant voice if we’re insistent enough. I write notes in books and then come here to leave you notes about books, or other things that might be on my mind.

I live in Vancouver, BC and long ago ran out of space on my shelves. The books have begun seeping out into the margins.

2 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Steven, are you familiar with the writings of Walter Wangerin Jr? Besides novels and pastoral counsel, he has written meditations for Advent and Lent, focusing on the characters involved.

    Recently I’ve been reading Alexander McCAll Smith…the Edinburgh lawyer who wrote the Botswana stories of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I’m into The Scotland Street 44 series, which he wrote in serial form for the Scotsman newspaper.

    He does light hearted stories, with interesting character development, focusing on the ordinary people, true to life in the cultures he is describing and depicting their strengths and foibles. Lots of humour.

    • You gave me a book of Wangerin’s writings a few years ago. Unfortunately it’s joined those volumes that have gone unread. Hopefully I will read it soon.

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