On Notebooks

This article orginally appeared in the Et Cetera, Regent College’s student newspaper, on September 6, 2022. Sometimes you’re asked to name those who’ve inspired you. I’m going to start answering: people who fill up notebooks. The pile of my unfinished notebooks is (I’ve measured) waist-high, though I just realized that I’ve forgotten to add my … Continue reading On Notebooks

Even As We Are Fully Known: C.S. Lewis’ “Letters to Malcolm”

In the spring of 1963, C.S. Lewis found himself confined by heart trouble to an armchair in his living room, wearing a catheter, and unable to go upstairs. Despite this forced inactivity—or possibly because of it—he had the chance to finally get his thoughts straight about a project he’d contemplated for some time, but had … Continue reading Even As We Are Fully Known: C.S. Lewis’ “Letters to Malcolm”

The Love That Gives Life

A week ago I preached for the first time at my new church, on the Gospel reading for that week. The service is neither livestreamed nor recorded, so I thought I would put the text up here. I’m not a very ‘scholarly’ preacher, even though I find a lot of scholarly issues and certainly the … Continue reading The Love That Gives Life

On Manhood

In the summer of 2020, when the pandemic still had an air of novelty and our interest in redefining ourselves was at its peak, I bought a new razor. I dumped the old plastic Mach 3 with its overpriced cartridge blades and ordered a solid, wood-handled safety razor; the kind where you unscrew the head … Continue reading On Manhood


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