Link Lasso – A Reading Lifestyle

At the beginning of the month I promised this blog would not be neglected. It's the end of the month and I notice I haven't kept my promise. Would it help at all if I told you that writing itself has definitely not been neglected? Some exciting ideas are hopping around in the creative centres … Continue reading Link Lasso – A Reading Lifestyle

Link Lasso – The Writer’s Way

This edition of the Link Lasso is themed around writing. What else is new? First, this New York Times column dispels the notion of the writer locked away in an attic or study or loft, and reaffirms the literary art as being essentially one of connection to the world.¬†Given that, here's an infographic showing the … Continue reading Link Lasso – The Writer’s Way

Link Lasso – The Way of The Future

Today's edition of Link Lasso is dedicated to Roger Ebert, who passed away earlier this month after his long battle with cancer. While I can't say I religiously followed his reviews, I knew his name from a very early age when I would occasionally catch snippets of Siskel And Ebert At The Movies on the … Continue reading Link Lasso – The Way of The Future

Link Lasso – Batmania!

I've seen¬†The Dark Knight Rises twice already in theatres, but for some reason the right words to review it just won't come. Several paragraphs are written and they all feel wrong. It might take some time before I feel ready to really give my thoughts. In the meantime, here are several Batman related links I've … Continue reading Link Lasso – Batmania!