Marvellous Adventure – Message From The Author

I returned from the holidays with still no idea what we were going to do about the periodical. We've limped along in the hopes that the Author would somehow get in touch -- or better yet, send a manuscript. I spent much of December being not very hopeful about January. So you can imagine what … Continue reading Marvellous Adventure – Message From The Author

Marvellous Adventure: Happy Halloween!

We have a surprise for all of you faithful readers this month. Consider it a little Halloween treat. It's a Very Special Issue of Marvellous Adventure with two -- that's right, TWO! -- stories guaranteed to send a little chill both up and down your spine. Unfortunately, neither is from the Author, as he is … Continue reading Marvellous Adventure: Happy Halloween!

Marvellous Adventure No. 6

It's that time again, folks! Well, actually it was that time again...a month ago. Sorry for this issue being so late. As I explained, the Author found himself in a position where it seems delivering the manuscript on deadline was impossible. But great anticipation can produce great reward. The Author has finally delivered a new … Continue reading Marvellous Adventure No. 6

Marvellous Adventure – A Terrible Telegram

A telegram arrived yesterday in the Marvellous Adventure offices. It read thus: HAVE MADE FABULOUS DISCOVERY STOP VITAL HAVE TIME TO STUDY STOP STORY NOT READY THIS MONTH STOP WILL WRITE SOONEST STOP REGARDS - A. Be assured I sent a furious reply. I won't reproduce its language here. The Author telephoned back and though … Continue reading Marvellous Adventure – A Terrible Telegram

Sneak Peek: “A Brilliant Scheme”

Well, folks, it's almost time for another issue of Marvellous Adventure. And you know what that means: a sneak peek at the latest Emily Monroe story. The Author was incommunicado for a little while (to do some extra research, he says), but back in April he returned with a short vignette that prepared us for … Continue reading Sneak Peek: “A Brilliant Scheme”

Marvellous Adventure: Hitting A Stride

It's the end of March, and you know what that means? That's right. It's just one more month to the grand relaunching of Marvellous Adventure, featuring the fourth installment of The Adventures of Emily Monroe! To help count down the time, we've been highlighting past issues with some authorial commentary. It's time now for a … Continue reading Marvellous Adventure: Hitting A Stride

Marvellous Adventure: Another Look Back

The weeks tick by and we draw ever closer to the release of Marvellous Adventure's fourth issue. Only two more months to go before The Adventures of Emily Monroe resume! In the meantime, I'm highlighting past issues on this blog to give you the chance of remembering the story thus far, of bringing in new … Continue reading Marvellous Adventure: Another Look Back

Marvellous Adventure: A Word From Our Sponsor

They say that in every dark cloud there's a silver lining. I like to think of today's news as a sunny sky with a few clouds on the horizon. Marvellous Adventure, that loving tribute to the pulps of yesteryear, will indeed be returning in 2013. But the news gets even better than that. It will … Continue reading Marvellous Adventure: A Word From Our Sponsor