The Communion of Saints – Out Now!

I'm pleased to announce that my first, self-published book is now available to buy online! The Communion of Saints: Stories in the Christian Gothic was my final project in my Master of Arts program at Regent College, and it's now my first publication. Featuring five short stories tied together by a frame narrative, the book … Continue reading The Communion of Saints – Out Now!

Support Steven’s First Year At Regent College

Find out how to donate to my first year's tuition here. And if you'd share it on your own blog, your Facebook Timeline, and your Twitter feed, I'd be ever so grateful. The link includes more detail about how you can help and the summary version of why I want to go to Regent College. … Continue reading Support Steven’s First Year At Regent College

Marvellous Adventure – A Terrible Telegram

A telegram arrived yesterday in the Marvellous Adventure offices. It read thus: HAVE MADE FABULOUS DISCOVERY STOP VITAL HAVE TIME TO STUDY STOP STORY NOT READY THIS MONTH STOP WILL WRITE SOONEST STOP REGARDS - A. Be assured I sent a furious reply. I won't reproduce its language here. The Author telephoned back and though … Continue reading Marvellous Adventure – A Terrible Telegram

Marvellous Adventure

I was planning a big, splashy Special Announcement post with bold headlines and lots of italics. But it may be better to just go with the simpler, down-to-earth approach. Especially since this is going to be simpler and more down-to-earth than it sounds like at first.¬†Those of you who follow this blog regularly were told … Continue reading Marvellous Adventure