Knowing Ourselves

The ancient Greeks held the Pythia, priestess of the temple of Apollo and commonly known as the Oracle of Delphi, in the highest regard. She occupied perhaps the most important religious position in the Greek world, said to be in direct communion with Apollo himself, delivering the god's responses to supplicants' questions in dactylic hexameters. … Continue reading Knowing Ourselves

On Magic And Theology

I have recently finished, for something like the fourth or fifth time, Susanna Clarke's historical fantasy novel Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. One of my favourite books, it imagines an entire history of magic and fairies in England, a history which by the time of the Napoleonic Wars (when the story is set) has been … Continue reading On Magic And Theology

The Source of All Knowing

This article originally appeared in the March 13, 2018 issue of Et Cetera, Regent College's student newspaper. The weekend was tough. A New Testament midterm meant that I didn’t have as much time to work on the Christian Thought & Culture paper, and I still had to do the weekly discussion question. Top things off … Continue reading The Source of All Knowing

Star Trek: Boldly Going…

September, 1996. I was ten years old and channel surfing, or possibly I'd just finished a movie. But somehow I came across a certain program. There were people in uniforms of different colours and some very detailed prosthetics and a large alien monster. I tuned in about halfway through the show, but managed to figure out … Continue reading Star Trek: Boldly Going…

Doctor Who: A 50th Anniversary Appreciation

It's an interesting time to be a geek, at least for me. It seems like a month hasn't gone by without some movie, television series, or book marking an anniversary. Superman turned 75, Star Trek: The Next Generation turned 25, and on November 23rd another celebrated franchise is hitting its own milestone. Doctor Who is turning … Continue reading Doctor Who: A 50th Anniversary Appreciation