The Four Seasons

Spring is a time for rebirth, for making new resolutions to replace the ones you ignored after January 2; it is for going out for a walk to the nearby park on the first sunny day in a month, sitting on a bench you find there, and enjoying the first page of a good book.

Summer is a time for life in full swing, for the fan at full strength, for a day at the beach or by the pool or under the awning of the front porch, spending time with a good book.

Fall is a time for the gradual change in the daylight hours, for the summer which seemed to come so quickly to say a lingering goodbye as it waves a handkerchief from the train window and looking at you wistfully all the way; a time for making your way through the freshening wind and the piles of orange and red and yellow leaves to the library, eventually to return bearing a good book.

Winter is a time for indoor hibernation, with a roaring fire in the grate; a time for curling up on the sofa with your blanket and your hot chocolate (or your tea) by the lights of the Christmas tree…reading a good book.

Repeat on an annual cycle.

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