The Writer’s Essentials Kit: Illustrated Edition

Writing can sometimes require more than just a pencil and some paper. Like any other creative profession or hobby, it can start with the basics and then quickly snowball from there. Some never find the need for a lot of paraphernalia, others take comfort in being surrounded by vast amounts of equipment.

I suspect that most writers eventually settle into a rhythm for their work, using only certain tools, at certain times of day, in certain places. Always using this pen, only at this desk in the attic, etc. I haven’t quite gotten to that level of sophistication yet. Until I do, I’ve put together my own Writer’s Essentials Kit. These are the things I simply can’t write without, at least not for long periods of time.

Item #1: Pens. To be precise, Uniball Deluxe rollerball pens. Black. With spares.

Item #2: Small notebooks to carry around in order to jot down ideas and inspirations as they occur. Also with spares.

Item #3: A growing pile of larger notebooks for the full writing of projects, each with its own dedicated notebook. Be sure to label them so you know which ones to ignore in favour of others.

Item #4: Scrivener, writing software designed to be more or less a digital notebook, to keep track of drafts and chapters and notes, all within the confines of a single desktop window.

Item #5: iPod Classic. Music, especially from soundtracks, can fuel the needed atmosphere for certain stories.

Item #6: An artistic side. Manifested here in both the digital world and real life.

Item #7: Research, research, research. Because nothing kills an historical novel quicker than a scene of Admiral Nelson consulting Queen Victoria through Facebook about a campaign strategy against Alexander The Great.

Item #8: Inspiration. Because a good writer steals only from the best.

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