Link Lasso – The Way of The Future

Today’s edition of Link Lasso is dedicated to Roger Ebert, who passed away earlier this month after his long battle with cancer. While I can’t say I religiously followed his reviews, I knew his name from a very early age when I would occasionally catch snippets of Siskel And Ebert At The Movies on the way to something else. He had a keen mind, fairly expressed opinions, and a deep love of film. You can check out his final movie review, of Terence Malick’s To The Wonderhere.

I remember when I first started writing as a craft. While I’ve kept some of those pieces and stories, I doubt I’ll ever voluntarily read many of them again. So in retrospect I can really appreciate this quote.

Apparently they have taught computers how to grade essays. Some say computers might take over the world one day. Not me. I can tell we’re just going to hand it over to them on a silver platter.

One of the many things I like to read is the Bible. That might surprise some who think the Bible is meant for studying rather than reading, or as an “instruction manual for life” from which we pluck little sayings and aphorisms to get us through the day. But the Bible has a lot more going for it than that. Theologian and New Testament scholar N.T. Wright explains how he thinks we should be reading the Bible.

Finally, in this age when digital is the medium for just about everything, it’s nice to know there are some out there who appreciate the value of a unique handcrafted art. Like…writing.

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